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Convival Oval Serving Tray-Sand
Convival Oval Serving Tray-Sand

Convival Oval Serving Tray-Sand

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Convivial’s new Oval Serving Tray is now available in SAND clay body and finished in their signature ivory glaze. The clay body is a proprietary blend, designed to embody the subtle warmth and grit of Hawaiian sand. The base and rim are both finished raw, allowing the clay body to show.

The Oval Serving Tray is intentionally sized for serving cheese but is functional for a wide range of serving dishes. It was designed to comfortably hold 3 wedges of cheese + a couple of your favorite complimentary pairings. The low, organic rim was designed for easy cutting. The subtle height provides an comfortable grip when serving the plate, but it is low enough to not interfere with your hand when cutting individual slices. The perfect balance.

Dimensions: 14” l x 7” w x 1/2" h


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