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Stutterheim Mosebacke Rain Jacket - Light Sand

The Stutterheim Mosebacke Light Sand raincoat is the women’s A-line version of our iconic raincoat. This feminine model has a beautiful silhouette with a spacious cut. It is handmade in...


Stutterheim Mosebacke Rain Jacket - Green

With a beautiful, A-line cut, the Mosebacke raincoat for women is a great alternative to their iconic Stockholm style. Prefect for any woman who is looking for a waterproof raincoat with...


Stutterheim Mosebacke Rain Jacket - Burgundy

The Stutterheim Mosebacke raincoat is the women's version of our iconic Stockholm raincoat. This feminine style has a beautiful, A-line cut, creating a flattering silhouette. It is handmade in rubberized...


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